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1990 The Loft Gallery                                                        Motueka

        Fluxus Gallery                                                           Dunedin

        Brooke/Gifford Gallery                                               Christchurch

        The Loft Gallery                                                        Wellington


1991 The Loft Gallery                                                        Motueka

        Sarjeant Gallery (Survey last 10 Years)                        Wanganui

        Gow Langsford Art Gallery                                          Auckland

        The Loft Gallery                                                         Christchurch


1992 The Loft Gallery                                                        Motueka

        Recherche Gallery                                                      Wellington


1993 The Loft Gallery                                                        Christchurch


1994 James Wallace Gallery                                                Auckland

        Sarjeant Gallery                                                        Wanganui

        Judith Anderson Gallery                                             Auckland

        The Loft Gallery                                                        Christchurch


1995 The Loft Gallery                                                        Christchurch

           Milford House                                                                          Dunedin

         Art Gallery                                                          Ashburton

      Small Gallery                                                             Timaru

1996 Custom House (Wallace Collection)                              Auckland

        Janne Land Gallery                                                     Wellington


1997 Centre of Contemporary Art (Motif Series)                   Christchurch

        Grove Mill                                                                 Blenheim

        Campbell Grant Galleries                                             Christchurch

       Art Gallery (Wallace Collection)                                    Whangarei

        Art Gallery (Wallace Collection)                                    Rotorua

        90 Space Art                                                            Wellington

        Aigantighe Art Gallery                                                Timaru

1998 Sarjeant Gallery (Motif Series)                                    Wanganui

        James Wallace Art Gallery (Motif)                                 Auckland

        Art Gallery (Motif)                                                      Napier

        Centre of Contemporary Art (Madame is Blase)             Christchurch

        University of Canterbury Art Gallery (Dress for Tennis)  Christchurch

        Campbell Grant Gallery                                               Christchurch

1999 Campbell grant Gallery (I Do My Own Ironing)               Christchurch

        Warwick Henderson Gallery                                         Auckland

        James Wallace Art Gallery                                           Auckland


2000 Centre of Contemporary Art (Drawings for Passport

         To the New Millennium                                               Christchurch

2001 Dunedin Public Art Gallery (Working Wonders)             Dunedin

2002 The Port Gallery                                                        Port Chalmers Otago

        Warwick Henderson Gallery (objects and images)          Auckland

        West Bank Gallery                                                     Greymouth

        Sarjeant Art Gallery (Remix)                                       Wanganui

        Centre of Contemporary Art (Mowing)                         Christchurch

        Ashburton Art Gallery (Everymans Castle II)                 Ashburton

2003 Warwick Henderson Gallery                                        Auckland

        The Port Gallery                                                        Port Chalmers  Otago

2004 Janne Land Gallery                                                    Wellington

       Otago Festival of the Arts (Mussorgsky Exhibition)       Dunedin

       Left Bank Gallery                                                       Greymouth

     Warwick Henderson Gallery(Pictures at a Exhibitions)     Auckland

       CoCa Gallery(Mussorgsky Exhibition)                           Christchurch

       University of Waikato(Mussorgsky Exhibition)               Hamilton

       CoCa Gallery                                                             Christchurch

2005 Scott Ormond Gallery

       Ng Gallery (Gnomus Paintings)                                    Christchurch

       Left Bank Gallery                                                       Greymouth

       Ng Gallery (Just William Paintings)                               Christchurch

       Warwick Henderson (Just William)                                Auckland

2006 Gallery Thirty Three                                                   Wanaka

       Marshall Seifert Gallery                                               Dunedin

       Paper Graphica (Etchings)                                          Christchurch

       Sarjeant Art Gallery (10 Mussorgsky Paintings              Wanganui


       Ng Gallery(5.30am)                                                    Christchurch

       Chan Liu Gallery, Tao Yuan City                                   Taiwan

       Ng Gallery (Boys Toys)                                               Christchurch

2007 Bill Milbank Gallery                                                      Wanaka

       Mahara Gallery                                                           Waikanae


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